1. Who can write a tip? Anyone, anywhere, anytime. Master Tipper is real people giving real tips.
  2. How do I increase my rank? The “like” function counts your likes and upgrades your rank.
  3. Can I see who likes my tips or uses them? Yes. As soon as you post a tip other people can read it, comment on it and use it.
  4. How many tips can I post? There is no limit to the number of tips you can post. In fact, the more tips you share, the more likely you’ll help others and achieve a higher Master Tipper status.
  5. Can I follow my tips? Go to your profile and click on “Tip History.” It will show all of your tips from the very first tip you posted through to your most recent post. Click on a tip to see who liked it, commented on it, used it and so on.
  6. How can I follow tippers? Each member of our community can follow and can be followed, Simply by clicking on the “follow” icon below his photo.
  7. Do I receive updates on my tips? Yes. Comments, rank, likes and “I tried it” will all appear in your notifications.


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